Health tech innovator

Madhu Bhaskaran FTSE

Madhu Bhaskaran, 2022 New Fellow

Professor Madhu Bhaskaran FTSE

Co-leader, Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group, RMIT University (VIC) 

ProfessorMadhu Bhaskaran is an engineer who has developed stretchable skin-like electronic devices for better health care. As skin patches, the technology can monitor health parameters, or include sensors measuring UV exposure for melanoma prevention. It can beintegrated into mattresses for improved monitoring in aged care, intensive care, and for SIDS. Sleep researchers are testing its utility for diagnosing disorders such as sleep apnoea. 

Madhualso broke boundaries in commercialising this technology. Collaborating with industry and manufacturing partners early meant up-scaling challenges were resolved quickly. Field trial prototypes were ready in three years. 

Madhu’s groundbreaking research has won numerous awards including the ATSE Batterham Medal. She’s a passionate advocate for diversity in engineering, and helps lead national initiatives including Women in STEMM Australia.