ATSE new Fellow 2023

Lara Olsen FTSE

Lara Olsen

Lara Olsen FTSE

Sustainable technology leader

Lara Olsen has a track record of delivering climate change solutions with global impact across the energy and climate sectors. An innovative and inclusive technology leader, Lara has been a key part of multiple sustainability initiatives around the world, including industrial-scale applications of new technologies, such as the Big Battery in Hornsdale in 2017.

Lara’s previous leadership roles have all involved innovation at scale including leading the strategy for Australian Renewable Energy Agency and as Global Head of Business Development for Tesla Energy in the United States.  She continues this today in her role at South East Water, driving innovation in digital metering and operations to deliver for their 1.8 million customers.

Lara is committed to inclusion and diversity in technology and engineering, championing a number of programs across high schools and industry.