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Fellows and staff honoured on Queen’s Birthday

June 11 2019

Fourteen Fellows and one staff member of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering have been named in the Queen’s Birthday honours list.

Academy President Professor Hugh Bradlow FTSE said: “On behalf of the entire Fellowship, I’d like to congratulate the 14 Fellows and one staff member who have been honoured.

“The awards reflect a deep commitment to applying science and technology to solving the complex problems facing Australia.

“They are also a tribute to many years of dedication to public service, whether in our universities and research organisations or in industry.

“The Academy is proud of all of you.”

Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)

1. David Burke edited
Professor David Burke AC FTSE FAA (NSW)

University of Sydney

For eminent service to neurophysiology, to innovative treatments for spinal cord and brain trauma injuries, and to professional medical organisations.

Maree Smith
Emeritus Professor Maree Smith AC FTSE (QLD)

University of Queensland

For eminent service to science through pioneering research and innovation in the treatment of neuropathic pain, to gender equity, and as a role model. She is a 2016 Clunies Ross winner.

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

Calum Drummond
Professor Calum Drummond AO FTSE (Vic)

RMIT University

For distinguished service to chemistry and materials science research, to commercialisation initiatives, and as a mentor.

Dale Elphinstone
Mr Dale Elphinstone AO FTSE (Tas)

Elphinstone Group

For distinguished service to business, particularly to the resources and manufacturing sectors, and to the community of Tasmania.

Kathryn Fagg
Ms Kathryn Fagg AO FTSE (Vic)


For distinguished service to business and finance, to the central banking, logistics and manufacturing sectors, and to women.

Sue Murphy
Ms Susan Murphy AO FTSE (WA)

West Australian Treasury Corporation

For distinguished service to the natural resources sector in Western Australia, and to engineering.

Michelle Simmons
Professor Michelle Simmons AO FTSE FAA (NSW)

University of New South Wales

For distinguished service to science education as a leader in quantum and atomic electronics, and as a role model.

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

Shi Xue Dou
Distinguished Professor Shi Xue Dou AM FTSE (NSW)

University of Wollongong

For significant service to science education in the field of superconducting and electronic materials.

Katherine Hirschfeld
Ms Katherine Hirschfeld AM FTSE (QLD)


For significant service to engineering, to women, and to business.

Ian MacLeod
Dr Ian MacLeod AM FTSE (WA)

Heritage Conservation Solutions

For significant service to the museum and galleries sector.

Mark Toner
Dr Mark Toner AM FTSE (Vic)

Gender Matters

For significant service to engineering and the technological sciences.

Peter Tyree
Dr Peter Tyree AM FTSE (NSW)

Tyree Foundation

For significant service to engineering, and to education.

Yi-Min Xie
Professor Yi-Min Xie AM FTSE (Vic)

RMIT University

For significant service to higher education, and to civil engineering.

Maggie edited
Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea AM (Vic)


For significant service to women in STEMM as an advocate and role model. Dr Evans-Galea is the Executive Director of IMNIS and an Academy staff member.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

Ernest Dawes
Mr Ernest Frederick Dawes, OBE OAM (Vic)


For service to the community.