ATSE new Fellow 2023

Baohua Jia FTSE

Professor Baohua Jia

Professor Baohua Jia FTSE

Photonics game-changer

Professor Baohua Jia is at the forefront of photonics, manipulating light for innovative applications in sustainability.

A passionate advocate for translating fundamental discoveries into industry breakthroughs, Baohua developed an award-winning high-throughput, high-precision laser nanoprinter. Now commercialised, the laser nanoprinter is fuelling innovation in Australia’s nanomanufacturing sector.

The nanoprinter has helped Baohua and her team unlock further game-changing inventions. These include ultra-thin lenses and films capable of harvesting sunlight, and a state-of-the-art solar battery that can be charged in seconds and used millions of times.

Baohua’s inventions are being investigated for green applications including reducing the environmental footprint of greenhouses and converting seawater into hydrogen.