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David and Valerie Solomon Award

The David and Valerie Solomon Award is a early-mid career award for a science or technology graduate working in academia/research or industry R&D who demonstrates substantial ability to foster research-industry collaboration and knowledge transfer for the benefit of Australia.

The winner will receive a unique award, a cash prize of $15,000 and 12 months mentoring from a senior entrepreneur/industry Fellow of the Academy with $5000 travel expenses to enhance this mentoring experience.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering administers the award, which will be presented at the Innovation and Excellence Awards Dinner on 11 June 2020 in Melbourne.

Nominations have now closed

Why this award?

The benefits of Australia’s world-class research system can only really realised with the translation of its outputs into economic and societal benefits. The effective translation of research will be at the core of Australia’s future competitiveness and prosperity.

This requires effective collaboration between our universities and publicly funded research organisations and industrial research and development organisations.

Australia undertakes world-class scientific research through universities and other publicly funded research organisations, and while research excellence is desirable in its own right, it is not a sufficient driver of innovation and is only one dimension of the research endeavour.

Research collaborations with the private and public sectors, entrepreneurial behaviour and knowledge transfer are equally important activities, which are largely driven by researchers who are engaged with industry and end-users of research.

The David and Valerie Solomon Award recognises and incentivises public sector researchers who are engaged with industry and engaged industrial researchers and drive collaborative activities to produce real-world impact.

Specifically the Award will:

  • Highlight the importance of collaboration between industry and research, and the translation of research for economic, social and environmental benefit.
  • Recognise the achievements of an early-mid career researcher who has worked across the research-industry divide, beyond purely academic research or only experimental development.
  • Bring to the attention of policy-makers the key role applied science, technology and innovation play in the nation’s development.

About the award

The award honours David Solomon, who is a Foundation Fellow of the Academy and who has been supported in his career by his wife, Valerie.

The award is made available through a generous donation from David and Valerie Solomon.

About David and Valerie Solomon